To Travel is the greatest of joys

I have traveled to some beautiful locations in Texas.  I am always a sucker for scenery.  I love the open road, the possibilities, the adventure of the unknown.  I enjoy seeing new places and experiencing different things.  It keeps life interesting, inspired, and unique.  It keeps me going.  It relaxes.  Soothes the soul.  There is just something about the unscarred beauty of the natural earth that beacons, asks you to come closer, to breathe in deeply, and to exist in a state of purity, if only for a moment.  And in that moment, you are one with nature.  You feel creation all around you, and if you listen closely, you can hear the rocks sing.




Purple Flowers








These are a collection of images I took within an hour of each other, and within the last few months.  Since I can’t travel as often as I like, local travel has to satisfy me for now.  As long as we are willing to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts, we will see the beauty, experience the thrill, of all that nature has to offer, and see things in a new light, letting it inspire us and widen our understanding.


Where have you traveled to recently?


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