Purple Diamond

Yes!  I have finally found a purple diamond, and a series of seven no less.  😉 (Yes, this is another letterboxing post.  It’s fun, you should try it out.)

Anyway, this one had a whole story that went with the boxes as you found them.  It was very nicely done, and the boxes were not too hard to find.  The carvers were amazing, and almost looked like photocopies, only in stamp form.  I did have to venture off the trail some, which wasn’t that big of a deal.  It did get muggy and I am so glad I wore jeans despite the sweatiness (I just made up a word!) as the last box was behind a tree that had a lot of overgrowth.  And I mean a lot.  I almost gave up, but decided to just push though the brush and finally found the last box.  I went with my parents as they were interested in what this was all about.  Not sure if they are ready to hit the trails yet, but they enjoyed their time with us and that’s all that matters.  We even carved them a persona; stamp to log in with, but we did forget to make them a logbook for their finds, so we had to use the back of the clue sheet.  Well, that works for now, but of they get into it more, they will have to get a real one.  😉

After finding the series, we headed over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some more carving material, no not for my parents. They don’t think that they are very artistic.  Not sure what we’ll be carving yet, but it should be fun no doubt.


A pretty day on the trail for letterboxing

A pretty day on the trail for letterboxing


Yikes!  Snakes on the trails

Yikes! Snakes on the trails


Hope you brought a bushwhacker!

Hope you brought a bushwhacker!

Then we headed off to a classic car and hot rod show.  Lots of Corvette Sting Rays there.  And a Ford Cobra.  Nice.  There is something to be said about the sports cars of days gone by.  Almost like the golden age of automobiles.  They just don’t make them like that anymore.  Sweet curves and sleek sides, complete with chrome to glide through the night.  Cars from a time when you would cruse the streets, to drive for the sheer pleasure of the wind in your hair and the open road.  A time when you would drive not to go somewhere, but to be anywhere, the thrill of adventure, you could be anyone.  I believe that is why there is such a drawl to these car shows.  It excites people’s sense of adventure, open road, the freedom from traffic and everyday life.


Yes please!

Yes please!


Shelby Cobra



Sweet Ride!

Sweet Ride!


I don't know much about engines, but here's one from a corvette.

I don’t know much about engines, but here’s one from a corvette.


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