South bound

My aunt is in town so I drove the long miles to visit her at my folks house.

I stopped at the Walker county rest stop because fantastic in plastic was there and I love corvettes, so it has been on my list to get since about May when I first found out about it.   It was a nice carve as all the stamps from Boots Tex have been thus far that we have found (Boots Tex is a trail name) .  As I was stamping in though,  ominous clouds with rolling thunder started approaching.  I was wearing the wrong shoes,  because for some reason,  I didn’t think about these being in the forest.   But I survived with only minor cuts and bruises and sandy toes and hurriedly stamped in and placed the box back from whence it came.   I then hurriedly looked for the other box that was Right There so I was not going to leave it for next time!   And I’m glad I did because I found a hitch hiker!   It’s a treat when you get one of those in a box you find.  But oh those clouds were growing darker by the second and wait,  what? A six sided stamp?    I will be rained on for sure.   I quickly stamped the stamps in my log book and placed it back where it came and high tailed it out of there!   Oh, but the smell of pine, intensifying with the threat of incoming rain, such a wonderful sent. I don’t get to smell that much anymore.


A pretty view while stamping in


Oops, wrong shoes!


Storm clouds getting closer!


Inky Fingers! Looks like I strangled a smurf.

Because rain was immanent,  my plans to go to Huntsville State Park were dashed,  so I went to Hobby Lobby to look at their carving supplies.  I found little detail blades for the craft knife.   I will see if those can help me achieve greater detail.  Now, what shall I carve?…

After dinner it was still raining, but I did see a rainbow!    That made me happy.   🙂


Rainbow in the sky


I decided to go to the cemetery to do some ducky boxing (letterboxing in the rain, a term I coined and am sure no one uses!  ;)) By the time I got there,  the rain had just about let up completely.   I was barely sprinkled on as I found the two boxes there,  both by Boots Tex again and booth lovely carves!   Such inspiration.



The Cemetery, such a peaceful place.


These little cement crosses were interesting.

So I was 4 for 4 today and I found a hitch hiker!   Fun.


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