My weekend art project

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around in the pool and sprained my wrist.   I feel like a Barbie doll!   I can’t do much because of that,  so I opted to do an art project this past weekend since you don’t have to do much with your wrist.

I have recently joined the ranks of letterboxing, a fun past time involving hand carved stamps,  a box,  some clues, and the great outdoors.  Because of this hobby,  I have grown to love stamp carving.   I had completely forgotten about it.   Waaaaay back in middle school,  I carved a linoleum plate.  It was chosen for the display in the hallway.


My print from middle school

Now,  I carve on rubber carving blocks and use them for many different projects.   I do have a few out in letterboxes as well.   It’s fun and not very expensive.

This weekend I decided to take on the challenge of the portrait stamp.   Not easy, let me tell you.   It was fun and I made them of my two favorite letterboxers.  I do need much more practice getting details more pristine.  So look for more carvings from me!  Maybe try it yourself!  You never know, you might get hooked.  Look around on pinterest to see lots of ideas on how to use your custom carved stamps.


A portrait stamp

A portrait stamp



I also finished my first ltc (letterbox trading card). I’ll show it to you later since I want to keep the stamp image a surprise until the others in the trader get theirs. There is so much to this hobby it’s hard to keep up sometimes!  We enjoy going out following clues as a family, and we make lots of fun memories. That’s the best part about it. That’s the best part about summer as well, lots of time to make family memories!  What are things you do to make some fun memories with your family?


What art projects did you do this past weekend?


3 thoughts on “My weekend art project

    • Thanks! I have aspirations of being as good as Boots Tex. Not quite there yet. 😉 Maybe he’ll teach a class for us one day if we ask really nice.

      • Maybe you can attend the TALE event coming up and meet him. I’ll bet he’d share some pointers. I have no aspirations to get that good!

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